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Dynamic Security and Detectives Chairman

R.S Saini

Chairman & Managing Director

DYNAMIC was established in 1979 by its founder Chairman and Managing Director Mr. R. S. Saini with the sole objective of providing quality and world class Security and Investigation Services to its valued clients in a growing economy when employers were faced with constant industrial strife because of arrogant and Intransigent attitude of militant trade unions.

Ever since, DYNAMIC has grown from strength to strength to acquire its present reputation and status that of ONE STOP SHOP for providing TOTAL SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION solutions to its clients.

The fact that we are one of the very few Security Companies, who have been Approved and Exempted under the Maharashtra Private Security Guards Regulation of Employment and Welfare Act 1981 bears testimony to our performance and professionalism.

Our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. R. S. Saini is the President of the Association of Security Organizations of Maharashtra.

DYNAMIC offers integrated services in Industrial Security, Fire fighting and Rescue Operations, Industrial safety and Damage Control, Investigation and Detection, Consultancy in the areas of Security, Safety, Industrial Relations and Labour Laws etc.  Depending upon our client’s requirement, we also provide Security, Safety and Fire prevention electronic gadgetry.

An extensive in-house talent pool comprising of high caliber and dedicated individuals, most of them drawn from Defense and Police Forces, provides the client with cutting edge and customized solutions for his Security and Investigation requirements.

DYNAMIC collaborates with Senior Defense, Police, Fire Brigade and Civil Defense Officers, Medical and Legal Professionals, various Government and important Industrial Organizations and many other Professional Bodies to formulate a comprehensive strategy for providing most efficient and cost effective services to its clients.

An ever-growing list of reputed national and international clientele is an ample testimony to our hard work and commitment.

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